Communications Fund

The flagship program of the Communications Fund is Radio Campesina and its network of 11 radio stations across California, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. Radio Campesina was founded by Cesar Chavez in 1983 as a way to both entertain and instill a sense of community for Latino and working families in the American West. Today, radio remains an excellent medium for sharing information across communities and inspiring engaging conversations with listeners.

To uphold its original vision to transform lives through education, Radio Campesina prides itself on providing great entertainment while also producing community-building programs that encourage citizens to actively interact, engage and share resources—while remaining competitive with commercial Spanish and English language stations.

In fact, many of Radio Campesina’s radio stations are #1 or #2 in their markets.

Highlights from our work:

  • Over one million English and Spanish language listeners in rural and urban areas
  • 11 radio stations across 4 states
  • Currently one English station; we will launch another English format for a new generation of Latinos and working families