Housing & Economic Development Fund

The Housing & Economic Development Fund creates and manages high-quality, service-enhanced affordable housing for working families and seniors across the Southwest (California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas).

Not merely focused on developing low-cost housing, the Housing & Economic Development Fund manages the level of quality and care of each housing location, because it’s important to us to offer affordable properties that also make great homes. We are not looking to simply build communities. We’re looking to transform them—and that starts with comfortable, aesthetically appealing homes where people are proud to live.

Many of our housing sites include extra amenities meant to enhance and better integrate communities—things like community rooms, Si Se Puede learning centers, which provide quality afterschool programming for youth right in their own neighborhoods. Onsite Si Se Puede senior centers offer programs that help seniors stay active both physically and mentally. These amenities serve communities across generations.

The Cesar Chavez Foundation has over 20 years of experience in property management and provides effective, culturally sensitive ongoing management to over 9,000 residents in the properties it owns and operates. Special accommodations are made to address disabilities, language, cultural diversity and transportation.

Highlights from our work:

  • Completed over 300 single-family homes for low-income households
  • Built or renovated over 5,000 affordable multi-family units at more than 34 communities across 4 states
  • La Plaza, CCF’s first mixed-use housing project in Los Angeles, will house the Foundation’s new office

Email us at hed@chavezfoundation.org for more information